The ABCs of a high performing leader-leader organization admin July 23, 2019

The ABCs of a high performing leader-leader organization

The ABCs of a high performing leader-leader organization.

The learning and development team for a major manufacturing team conducted a brainstorming session to build a scalable course for implementing leader-leader behaviors throughout their organization. We were able to sit in and assist in their process. The process boiled down to ABC – avatars, behaviors, and consequences.

A is for Avatar.

First, the team developed a set of target individuals they called avatars. The avatars were described in such rich detail that you could picture the person: how old were they, their education level, access to computers, length of time they would be able to dedicate to learning programs, and so on. In this company, we developed 4 avatars representing different levels in the company from entry-level hourly workers on the manufacturing line to Senior Vice Presidents and C-level executives who worked out of their offices and off their mobile devices.

B is for Behavior.

Next the team defined the behaviors desired for each group. When selecting behaviors work was done to take statements such as “encourage curiosity” to “do you see anything different?” If we could express the item in terms of language we felt we had pretty well identified the behavior. The second problem was that we quickly generated more desired behaviors than we could reasonable expect of people and had to narrow down the behaviors to between 8 and 10.

C is for Consequences.

Finally, we needed to link behaviors to the company’s performance evaluation system so that practicing the desired behaviors would be recognized and rewarded; there would be positive consequences.

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