• 70% of what people learn comes from practicing on the job
  • 20% comes from a coach or mentor who takes an active interest
  • 10% comes from formal training and reading book

Intent-Based Leadership® coaching is designed to help you reflect and learn from what you have tried on the job, based on what you learned in the workshops.

Research also tells us that information is exponentially forgotten from the time learners consume it. As humans, we require frequent reinforcement to help pave new neural pathways involved in learning a new mindset such as Intent-Based Leadership®. We address this by scheduling frequent coaching sessions (weekly or bi-weekly).

In our coaching sessions, either individually or in small groups, we will reflect upon the real-world situations you have experienced between sessions. During coaching, we will apply Intent-Based Leadership®, discuss how your experiments went, and how you might do better going forward.

Our coaching aligns with the principles of Co-Active Model. It begins by holding everyone as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. The job of a coach, as with Intent-Based Leaders, is to ask powerful questions, listen, and empower to elicit the skills and creativity you already possess. In addition, we are able, as necessary, to slip into the mentor role and provide the IBL expertise to further teach and clarify important concepts.



  • Amplify learning from on-the-job experiments
  • Enable paving new neural pathways for the Intent-Based Leadership® mindset
  • Demonstrate Intent-Based Leadership® through the coaching model
  • Practice the IBL principle “Don’t be good, get better”
Frequent Feedback On-the-job Self-Reflection
Weekly or Biweekly sessions Your real-world experiments Powerful Questions