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Turn I Depend to I Intend-11
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Basics of

Intent-Based Leadership

for Front-Line Leaders


Creating Intent-Based Leadership organizations results in a workplace where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity. A place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work – a place where everyone is a leader.

In this course you will learn about the origins of Intent-Based Leadership – the Why, the How, and the What. You will learn about the six principles of Intent-Based Leadership
1. Don’t be good, get better
2. Make it safe, not add stress
3. Push authority to information, not information to authority
4. Tune control based on competence and clarity
5. Fix the environment, not people
6. Act your way to new thinking, not think your way to new action

And, you will learn three frameworks
1. The Ladder of Leadership
2. Knowing/Telling
3. Redwork/Bluework

Ladder of Leadership:

a Tool for Empowerment


When we give people authority, we create leaders. Learn a framework for greater team engagement, passion, and involvement.

The Ladder of Leadership is a tool to make empowerment actionable and scalable. The Ladder of Leadership can be used to both set and measure the level of empowerment in your team. It is a language that acts as both a thermometer and a thermostat for empowerment.

Identifying and understanding the words we use will help us ask the right questions to gain clarity, share information, determine competence, and give control.

Basics of

Intent-Based Leadership

for Agile Leaders


As individuals, we should embrace our responsibility for being the best we can be within the design of the organization. But as leaders, our responsibility is to design the organization so that the individuals can be the best versions of themselves.

Learn how to make small changes to your own behavior that will radically change the performance of your team and position you as a great leader within your organization. Find out how to build commitment, create collaborative cultures and connect with your team in this course using the language of Intent-based leadership.

In this course, travel around the world and discover how, as a Leader, you can bring out the best in your team – and yourself – through what you say — and what you don’t. This course runs true-to-life simulations and helps you understand the different outcomes you can achieve with a new approach.

Based on L. David Marquet’s best-selling book, Leadership Is Language.

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