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Everyone benefits
Our police department began using IBL principles. We now use them in the entire district. What a difference this is making to our people. And...crime is down 3%.
Reduces stress in your organization
Intent-Based Leadership has made a HUGE difference in my stress level.
Why should you empower people?
We have been using Intent-Based Leadership and found that when we began to trust and empower our people, our company doubled in revenue and size.
What does using Intent-Based Leadership do?
Intent-Based Leadership has made such a difference for our call center. We have reduced our quarterly attrition from eight people to zero.
Intent-Based Language
By changing how I asked a question, my staff began to feel safer and responded completely different to me. Language does make a difference!
What do organizations achieve using Intent-Based Leadership?
We just achieved a “top-level performance status” and we did it using Intent-Based Leadership principles.
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