B is for Behavior admin July 23, 2019

B is for Behavior

Continued from the post titled The ABCs of a High Performing Leader-Leader Organization 

Modules completed.

Vision Statement written.

Values Instilled.

The training is over…and…

Nothing changes.

Sound familiar?

We spent time working individually focusing on one avatar at a time defining behaviors for each group. The team worked together to develop each behavior into an action, something someone could do. Defining desired outcomes as behaviors is beneficial because behaviors can be practiced and observed. They can form the basis of an evaluation.

Here are the three groups we came up with and their behaviors:

Front Line:

  • Be curious, ask questions
  • Don’t say “its not my fault”, say “lets fix it”
  • If you see something, say something
  • Don’t say “we”, say “they”
  • Don’t say “because they told me to”, say “here’s why”
  • Think out loud -Say “I think…” instead of “what do you want me to do”
  • If it does not feel right, say something

Supervisors and Managers:

  • Go to the Source
  • Think long term: Imagine it was one month from now
  • Conduct short conversations, not directives
  • Ask open ended questions, “what else”
  • Tell truth to Power
  • Think: There’s something I like about you
  • “I intend to”
  • Catch people doing something good
  • Don’t brief certify
  • Listen Non-Defensively
  • Think: Imagine it was three years from now.


  • Value People, Investing in Education and Learning
  • Repeat Clear Concise Messages
  • Think: You make my job possible
  • Disagree, Ask Questions
  • Think long term: What would you think 25 years from now?
  • Think: You make my job possible
  • Catch people doing something good