A is for Avatar… admin July 23, 2019

A is for Avatar…

Continued from the ABCs of culture change post.

This is the step you will want to skip, we almost did.

As we sat with the learning and development team our creative juices began to flow. Each idea like a dart flew one after another, we were unstoppable. The to do lists began to grow and content freely flowed. We knew exactly what the organization needed. Our goal of creating a course implementing leader-leader behaviors throughout the organization was coming together.

How we would deliver the content was where our dream collided with reality. We realized the darts we had been throwing never hit the target because we never created one. We were creating an online based program with email based reminders for people that did not have daily access to the internet. This forced the team to ask “who is our customer?” Create the target.

How we built our Avatar:

No detail is too small. Be Specific.

  • Social, Work and Cultural environments
  • Demographics – age, sex, marital status
  • What are their demographics (age range, income range, education range, gender, etc.)?
  • What do they do on a daily basis?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What do they do for fun?
  • What are their hopes and dreams?
  • What defines “success” for them?
  • What questions does this person ask?
  • How can you answer their questions and solve their problems in a way that benefits the company/person?
  • How do they best receive the information and help you provide (written, audio, video, done for them, etc)?

For more information on creating the best avatars, check out Dan Kennedy’s no BS book here.