Recently, at a fundraiser I was participating in, someone approached me and said “If you want to be helpful,…” and suggested something for me to do. Now, I might be more sensitive than most, but it irritated me because I wouldn’t have been there unless I wanted to help. 

So, I know this applies to the work place as well. Hence this week’s nudge:

The next time you want to engage someone to help, instead of saying “If you want to be helpful”…say “You can help out by…”

This works better because the wording is predicated that the person already wants to help and may just need a bit of guidance on what to do to help. In other words, it assumes the best so it gives people the opportunity to be at their best.

Have you had someone say something to you that, although well-intentioned, just didn’t sit right? Well, if you want to be helpful, then let us know and we’ll turn the best ones into nudges. (just kidding…you can help by letting us know…)

Have a good week!

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