Leadership Nudge® 213 – Strive For 5 admin July 11, 2018

Leadership Nudge® 213 – Strive For 5

Ok. This week we’re gonna talk about this two dimensional plane of empowerment and communication.

What we want is both empowerment and high degrees of communication.

So, here’s what we see at different levels of the Ladder of Leadership.

Down at level 1, there was a low level empowerment. Level 1 is “Tell me what to do”.

Low level of empowerment and very little communication.

As we move up the ladder, we tend to see more communication and, of course, more empowerment.

Then, “I intend to…” at level 5.

Then we get to level 6, “I’ve done…” – Yes, it’s more empowerment but we tend to see the communication drop off.

The reason they’re talking to their boss is to get permission so if they don’t need to get permission, they don’t need to talk to their boss.

Then, level 7 is up here.

This is why we loved I intend to. It’s the sweet spot of high empowerment AND high communication.

So, try that. Aim for level 5 on the Ladder of Leadership to maximize empowerment and communication.

Let us know how it goes.