Leadership Nudge® 74 – Give a Compliment…and that’s it. admin September 19, 2015

Leadership Nudge® 74 – Give a Compliment…and that’s it.

Too many times when we give a compliment it is simply a prelude to delivering bad news. So here is your nudge…

The next time you give a compliment to a team member, give them a compliment and that’s it…

Sandwiches taste good. I personally enjoy turkey on sourdough, but I do not want a camouflaged knuckle sandwich when someone gives me feedback.

When a compliment would come out of my boss’s mouth, I would duck awaiting the inevitable “but…” then hear about an “opportunity” or “other.” During our conversation the “but” erased everything good before it and all I remembered was what came after it. I could not even concentrate on the second half of “the good.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.55.56 PMThe sandwich model of “good bad good” is bad. It’s a manipulation. It’s the tool of poor leaders who haven’t created a safe enough environment to deliver the truth. I know you are trying hard, but…(ha ha).

When we deliver good feedback to the people around us, let it be good. Rest on it.

When we deliver criticism, let it be specific and honest.

Have a great week!