Leadership Nudge® 210 – I Don’t Know

June 20, 2018by Sandy Wilmer0

Here are 3 words every leader should say, (even though a lot of them resist saying it) – “I don’t know.”

Even when you know, every once in a while, practice saying “I don’t know.”

If you can’t say the words, then your team can’t say them.

If your team can’t safely say they don’t know, then you’ve closed the door on learning.

All learning starts with “I don’t know. Let’s find out. Let’s run an experiment. Let’s collect some data. Let’s look it up. Let’s find some research reports.”

It always starts with you, however. You set the example. You say, “I don’t know”, and see what happens with the learning in your organization.

I’m David Marqeut and that’s your Leadership Nudge.

Sandy Wilmer

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