Leadership Nudge™ 178 – Want Feedback? with Jenni Jepsen admin November 8, 2017

Leadership Nudge™ 178 – Want Feedback? with Jenni Jepsen

Did you know that the line “Can I give you some feedback?” triggers the same threat center in the brain as seeing a bear in the woods? We want to run or fight or freeze.

What if, rather than improving the way that we give feedback, we ask for feedback instead. Research shows that asking for feedback is better for both the giver and the receiver. There’s less threat on both sides and we’re able to get that specific feedback quicker more often and from many different people.

When feedback works, we’re able to contrast between what we’re doing right now and what we need to do to reach our future goal. High-performing people ask for feedback frequently.

So, get into the habit of asking for feedback at least two to three times a week. And, when you get it, don’t forget to say “Thank you for your feedback.

I’m Jenni Jepsen with your Leadership Nudge. Let us know how it goes.