This time, we are going to try fast forward. We are going to get Andy to think about the issue from a longer term perspective.

Andy: Hey boss, we have a problem with this week’s shipment. Because of our unscheduled machine outage we don’t have time to do our inspection.

David: Well, what do you think we should do?

Andy: I don’t know. You’re the boss.

David: OK, what if you were 6 months from now, how do you think we’d feel about what we had done today?

Andy: Well, we’d wish we hadn’t messed up our relationship with this client but also that we hadn’t spent the extra money on airfreight. In this case I’d probably say that the money wouldn’t be as important as the relationship with the client.

Now notice, you may know the “right answer,” but that doesn’t matter. What you are trying to do is build a habit of having your team think and solve problems – and share their thoughts with you. This is the first step to building leaders.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.34.19 AMWeekly Nudge: Recognize “tell me what to do;” resist it and if people are reluctant to tell you what they think; try fast forward. Get out a calendar and put your finger on a date that is 6 months from today. Talk about the decision as if it has already been made and what you wished you would have done.

One last thing…be sure you make it safe…learn HOW by reading Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek.