Private: Leadership Nudge™ 182 – A Bias for Action at North Yorkshire Police

December 6, 2017by Sandy Wilmer0

I’m here at the Fulford Road Police Station. (The HQ Police Station for the North Yorkshire Police)

They’re doing some really great work here with regards to Intent-Based Leadership® and pushing authority to information; letting the constiples out on the beat do the work they need to do.

One of the stories was:

Two girls who had been human-trafficked into the country but then were recovered and were in an orphanage disappeared.

The two constables went out, investigated, and immediately sensed that maybe they had gottem recaptured by the traffickers.

Rather than coming back and filing a report, rather than getting permission, they stayed on the hot trail, tracked down bus tickets, crossed into other county lines (OMG), informing people as they went.

Four days later, they recovered not only these two girls, but two additional girls and shut down the trafficking ring. Really, really powerful stuff.

At the same time, the promotion rates here are going way up. In the last promotion board, they had ten of the eleven constables get selected to sergeant. (Which is normally about a thirty percent promotion rate.)

So, hats off to the men and women here at the North Yorkshire Police force. who are doing great things and making the UK safer.

I’m David Marquet and that’s your Leadership Nudge.

Sandy Wilmer

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