We all know the story of The Boy Who Cried WolfAesop’s Fables, and Grimms’ Fairy Tales. We have a nicely annotated collection of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories which includes classics like, The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen; which you probably know as Frozen. You can do this in your organization too.

If you create an award based on your values, and have peers submit nominees, then you’ll uncover and collect stories where people are acting in a way that supports the organization’s values.

You can collect those stories, make them available, then perhaps, after a year or so, when you have a nice collection, you too can put them in a binder and have a book to compliment your policies.

So, when new people come into the organization, you can say “Hey, here are our policies, but here are the stories that illustrate our values.”

I’m David Marquet, and that’s your Leadership Nudge.