The word “we” is how we refer to “our team”.

In this example, we have two groups of people. In each group, they refer to themselves internally as “we”, but refer to the other group as “they” or “them”.

So, we say “Well, we’re doing this.”, “We made this decision.”, or we say “We’re waiting on them.”, “They made this decision.”

That We/They boundary defines where the team is.

If you want to have one big team, then you need to act your way to new thinking. In other words, don’t say “Think like a team” or “Feel like a team”, say “Act like a team”. Teams use the word “We”.

We’re going to practice referring to “them” as “we”, and “they” should practice referring to us as “we”. Pretty soon, it’s just one big “we”.

Then, it will feel like a team, but the action comes first. We act our way to new thinking.

The language defines the team boundary. The language is the team boundary.

I’m David Marquet and that’s your Leadership Nudge.