Leadership Nudge™ 166 – Push Authority to Information admin August 16, 2017

Leadership Nudge™ 166 – Push Authority to Information

I’m here at St. Cloud Fire and Rescue where we’re pushing authority to information.

I’m here with Nate, the lieutenant. Nate was part of a team that redesigned this truck just for the team. It’s a brand-new truck.

Now, a couple of things – This is the control panel for the truck. This is where the engineer stands controlling pressures and hoses and that kind of thing.

But what happens if the fire is on the other side of the truck? They couldn’t see the fire so they always had to leave their station and go around the front of the truck to look at the fire. What they did is designed a camera right here so that they can see on the other side.

Next, they sometimes signal to the firefighters inside the building using the horn, but again, the engineer would have to go to the front end of the truck and pull the string to blast the horn. What did they do here? They just put a button right here. It’s not a standard feature. It was thought of by the team.

That’s what pushing authority to information looks like.

Thanks to Nate and the rest of the St. Cloud Fire & Rescue for everything that they do!

I’m David Marquet, and that’s your Leadership Nudge!