Leadership Nudge™ 149 – Meetings that Work: How to Engage People

Have you ever been in a meeting, workshop, or seminar where you said “Hey, are there any questions?” and there was this dull silence that goes on for a while? It can be a little awkward. I’m going to tell you how to fix that problem once and for all.

The tool is called: “One, Some, All”.

If you want to get the group engaged, and you want to get them to start participating, do it in a way that’s safe and progressive.


First, you say, “On your own, think about this. Write down any ideas that you might have. Take 90 seconds.”


Then, to a small group, (or just lean to your neighbor sitting next to you). “Talk about what you all have.” As a group gets bigger, you need to give more time, from 90 seconds, give them 3 minutes.


Finally, “Ok, now. Who wants to start us on the conversation?” Boom! Immediately 4 hands go up.

So it’s: One (On your own), Some (At your table), All

I’m David Marquet, that’s your leadership nudge.

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