Figure 1a

If you’re a leader:

You’re responsible for how much control you can give the team because you’re generally the one who has the control. You want to give the team a little more control than is exactly warranted by their competence and clarity.

That will invite the team to higher levels of control, participation and thinking. It will invite them to “up their game” in terms of competence and clarity. You are responsible for the Control axis.

If you’re a team member:

You’re responsible for the Competence and Clarity axis. Your job, if you get invited to higher levels of control, is to up your competence and clarity. Even if you’re not, do this anyways. Make it so easy for your boss to say, “Wow, this person really knows what they’re doing. I’ll just let them make more decisions.” Make sure to be transparent.

The leader’s job is to move the team upward, giving more control, the team member’s job is to move to the right, increasing clarity and demonstrating competence.

Everyone works together, the team moves upward, and the organization does better.

I’m David Marquet and that’s your Leadership Nudge.