Diagram Illustrating how to tell a story that inspires people to change

Here’s an example:

Simon Sinek’s blockbuster “Start with Why” speech kind of follows this pattern.

  • Specific Other – (Example)

“Let’s talk about Apple. Let’s talk about the Wright brothers. Why are they successful when others aren’t?”

  • General Other – (Lesson)

“It turns out they do something the opposite. Instead of starting with the outside, (What, How, Why), they start in the middle. They start with why.”

  • Science

“That’s how our brains are wired.”

  • General You – (Imagine Statement)

“Imagine if you could do this.”

  • Specific You – (Action)

“What could you do tomorrow to start changing and start with why?”


Imagine that every time you interacted with a group, you were able to get behavior adoption and behavior modification.

Think about this formula the next time you give a talk.

I’m David Marquet and that’s your Leadership Nudge!