Leadership Nudge® 76 – Thank You admin December 29, 2015

Leadership Nudge® 76 – Thank You

Leadership Nudge – Thank You!

Here at Turn the Ship Around, LLC our team is thankful for the opportunity to work with organizations that cultivate workplaces where people are happier, healthier, have more control over their work, and where everyone is a leader.

One of the things we appreciate the most is when others share what they are doing with us. So this week, as a show of our appreciation, we want to share one of those ideas with you.

My leadership nudge to you this week comes from Teresa Hutton, an engineering project manager:

“Be appreciative

Be appreciative of any initiative and progress towards internalizing intent-based leadership. When team members demonstrate a willingness to increase their competence through learning a new skill, or they simply say, ‘I intend…’, acknowledge that. Don’t forget to acknowledge yourself too when you see a behavior change towards the goal of empowerment and growing leaders. A simple ‘I’m grateful for the team’s improvement’ goes a long way to help your confidence too.”

Let us know how it goes.