Leadership Nudge® 430- How Intent Works Amy Mills July 19, 2023

Leadership Nudge® 430- How Intent Works

There’s a clarity of purpose in organizations where intent is working. How is your organization aligned? Here’s Peter with more.

About a year ago, I filmed a Nudge at a magnificent waterfall in Iceland, where the water was cascading down millions of gallons every hour. This is completely different. But it perhaps represents more of the type of organization that we see when intent is working. There’s a clarity of purpose-“Organization Intent.” There’s a clarity of “Leaders Intent” and therefore there’s a clarity of “Team Intent.” And the flow of information isn’t coming down, cascading down, but it’s gently moving through the organization. There is a sense of direction and momentum. So my Nudge to you this week is: how are you aligned? Are you aligning your Organization Intent to your Leaders Intent and to your Team Intent? I’m Peter Russian. That’s your Leadership Nudge from the banks of a loch.