Leadership Nudge® 428- The Ripple Effect Amy Mills June 28, 2023

Leadership Nudge® 428- The Ripple Effect

If you’ve enjoyed a Nudge recently, share it. Here’s Peter with more.

Hey, I’ve got a really simple nudge for you this week. And it’s all about this-the ripple effect. And it’s inspired by a conversation I was having with a client of ours recently, who said whenever they receive a Nudge, they don’t just look at it themselves, but they put it on their intranet. They invite comments and observations. What does this mean for us-tell us about practices that we’re using? So it’s a way of spreading the word. Spreading the love of Intent-Based Leadership. So our Nudge to you this week is go back. Look at last week’s Nudge, one from the previous week or going back over the last year. Find one that you really like and share it. I’m Peter Russian, sharing the love. That’s your Leadership Nudge.