Leadership Nudge® 389 – Align Activity to Control admin June 8, 2022

Leadership Nudge® 389 – Align Activity to Control

Leaders focus their energy on things within their control. Here’s David with some examples.

Hey, here’s the formula for having a happy life and getting what you want.  

It’s aligning where you spend your energy to the things that are within your control. For example, out here, people spend a lot of energy on things like (in particular) controlling other people, which they really can’t control. “Oh, well, you need to speak up” . . . “You need to be more assertive” . . .  “You need to listen to me.” Okay – you can’t control that.  

So it’s a lot of frustration over here. People then don’t control what they could control, which is their own response and reaction and the language that they have in a situation.  

Someone comes up and says, “Well, I think you’re wrong.”  

“Well, why do you think that?” 

Well, you’re not controlling that – you’re just reacting.  

So when you control the things that are within . . . when you put your energy into things within your control, like your own language . .  . Like, say, “Okay, I’m gonna get up when the alarm goes off, not hit snooze” – that’s within your control. And when it’s aligned to what you’re trying to get in life, then you’re gonna have success in life. 

I’m David Marquet. That’s your Leadership Nudge.