Leadership Nudge® 373 – Invite Specific Feedback admin February 2, 2022

Leadership Nudge® 373 – Invite Specific Feedback

I went to get my haircut last week and the hairdresser said, “You seem to come in here a bit more often these days.” 

And she was right. And I thought about it. And the reason is this, I spend so much time on Zoom and teams, that I’m getting constant feedback from looking at myself on the screen, about my appearance about the length of my hair.  

Now, getting feedback is a pretty good thing as a leader. But one of the things that we can pay attention to is how we ask for feedback. So rather than asking a generic question, such as, “Hey, how was I in that meeting?” Try and be more specific.  

For example, “How could I encourage more participation and involvement in that meeting?” 

So our Nudge to you this week is find mechanisms to give you feedback, invite feedback. And when you do invite feedback, be as specific as possible. That way you’ll make it easier for somebody to respond. But also, most importantly, the feedback will be of most value to you. I’m Peter, Russian. This is your Leadership Nudge.