Leadership Nudge® 366 – Signaling Intent admin October 13, 2021

Leadership Nudge® 366 – Signaling Intent

By giving people more autonomy they will act with more intent. Where can you give your people more autonomy?

Hello. I’m on the lower Rhine in Germany approaching the Netherlands and I’m having a great example of intent.  

Normally, ships pass, what we call, port to port (left side to left side). In other words, we drive on the right side of the road. And this is true all over the world. But sometimes, two ships might agree to pass starboard to starboard, or they may agree to temporarily change the rules.  

Now, the signal on the Rhine here is this blue paddle, which is normally this way, flip it up. You see this other ship also has a blue paddle. And they’ve also flipped it up.  So both ships have flipped up the paddle. And so, we’re passing safely right side to right side as if we’re driving on the left side of the road. It’s a very good example of intent because we don’t need permission because these are semi-autonomous vehicles. And that’s what you want at work – to increase the level of autonomy. People act with intent.  

I’m David Marquet. That’s your Leadership Nudge.