Leadership Nudge® 364 – Make the Invisible Visible admin September 29, 2021

Leadership Nudge® 364 – Make the Invisible Visible

Leaders improve decision-making by creating an environment where all the information can be shared. What can you do to make the invisible visible?

So I’m here in Amsterdam. I have something sobering to show you. But it represents a powerful concept which we call “make the invisible visible.” 

They’re these stumble stones. These are called stumble stones. And they’re embedded plaques, where people were taken by the Nazis. It could have been Jews, homosexuals or some other non- appreciated part of society and where they were sent. So these stumbling stones document the Van Ness family, Sarah and Esther and where they went. A couple went to Auschwitz, Mauthausen and other concentration camps, in which they never come back.  

There’s something very powerful about knowing that these people lived in this house and came out this front door. And the place. And the principle is “make the invisible visible.” Very powerful here, in particular.