Leadership Nudge® 362 – Everyone Can Think admin September 1, 2021

Leadership Nudge® 362 – Everyone Can Think

Everyone has the ability to think – not just managers. Give your team members opportunities to contribute their ideas.

I’m here on a slightly dreich night in Scotland. That means damp, by the way, and it’s a local production from a fantastic theatre company of The Wizard of Oz.  

Now in The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow has this line in which he says, “I won’t try to manage you, Dorothy, because I can’t think.” 

So even in Oz there’s this separation in terms of its only managers who do the thinking. When it comes to our own organizations, what we need to be really careful of is just assuming that some people don’t want to have the opportunity to be involved, because everybody has the power to think, everybody has the power to contribute. So, my Nudge to you this week is don’t be like the Scarecrow and assume it’s only managers who can think. 

I’m Peter Russian in Dunblane with the fantastic Rubber Chicken Theatre Company. That’s your Nudge.