Leadership Nudge® 343 – Book Review: More Time to Think admin March 17, 2021

Leadership Nudge® 343 – Book Review: More Time to Think

“I think we are living in an epidemic of obedience.”  

These are some of the first words from Nancy Kline’s book More Time to Think. And in it she hypothesizes a better world would be a place where we have more independent thinking.  

I totally agree. How do we get there?  

It’s our job to help create the environment for other people to think. And she has 10 components for this environment.  

The first one is attention. We pay attention to we attend to other people might call this listening, but it’s a little bit more than just listening. And through these 10 components, we can help advance the thinking of others.  

And I agree that we are in an epidemic of obedience. I personally don’t think that the hundreds of employees at Volkswagen were evil when they colluded on the diesel cheap. I personally don’t think that the 1000s of workers at Wells Fargo who created fake accounts were evil. I don’t even think that the players on the Houston Astros are all evil. Instead, there are a few misguided people at the top and a culture of non-independent thinking. And that’s what allows people to engage in irresponsible behavior.  

I really enjoyed this book. 

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