Leadership Nudge® 339 – Revisit Your Decisions admin February 3, 2021

Leadership Nudge® 339 – Revisit Your Decisions

When making decisions, schedule time in the future to revisit those decisions and processes. This practice creates opportunity to ensure your processes are relevant and appropriate given the current environment.

Hey, hey, I’m in Switzerland with the greatest cheese on the planet, Gruyere. Now this Gruyere has an expiration date on it, and it makes sense for us that cheese would have an expiration date. But you know, it also can use an expiration date, your processes and your decisions. When you sell up on the process, set an expiration date when you make a decision, set an expiration date, and because that’s the time when you’re going to come back and revisit it. 

Let’s see how this cheese tastes. 

That is so good. But in two years, it’s not going to be that good. The same happens with your decisions and your processes. You have to visit them, revisit them with an expiration date. I’m David Marquet here in Switzerland. 

That’s your Leadership Nudge.