Leadership Nudge® 310 – The 100:0 Rule

April 22, 2020by Sandy Wilmer0

Dividing your attention is difficult. The 100:0 Rule helps maintain quality relationships. Either devote 100% of your attention to a person, or 0%. If you can’t give 100% of your attention right now, schedule a time when you can.

One of the things that’s gonna help you maintain quality relationships, but at the same time stay sane is what I call the 100:0 rule. And the 100 zero rule means this, either give someone 100% of your attention and focus or zero percent. Now, here’s what happens. If you never give 100%, you’re not going to earn the right to give zero percent because people will continuously be dissatisfied, and they’re going to be asking for a little bit of attention. And what we sometimes do is we try to keep doing what we want to be doing but give a little bit of attention. I’m picturing like kids in the household.  It doesn’t work.  It’s not satisfying for either person.  So stop what you’re doing. Close your computer. Spend 100% of your attention and focus on the person or schedule time when you can spend 100 percent of your time. I’m David Marquet, that’s your Leadership Nudge. 

Sandy Wilmer

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