Leadership Nudge® 301 – Focus on the Behavior admin March 25, 2020

Leadership Nudge® 301 – Focus on the Behavior

Positive feedback can have negative consequences if it’s delivered improperly. When giving praise, acknowledge the behavior that is controllable (their effort) instead of praising someone for an intrinsic characteristic (their ability.)

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Hey guys, the latest release from my good friend and author David Marquet, is this book Leadership is Language. It’s a playbook for releasing excellence in your workplace. For empowering your teams. For creating a culture where people can be the best people that they are.  

The playbook is awesome, in fact, it’s the source of my nudge this week. One of my favorite plays is Complete, not Continue.  

Complete, not continue really has four elements 

It’s about chucking work into smaller sizes.  

It’s about celebrating with your teams not for your teams.  

It’s about focusing on their behavior not their characteristics.  

It’s about focusing on the journey, not just a destination.  

And my nudge for you this week is to focus on the behavior of your team. When you provide feedback, focus on the behavior not their characteristics. When we say to somebody “Hey you’re really smart, you did that really well they focus on that smart piece and they try to protect that.  

So, this week when you’re providing praise and feedback, focus on their behavior. What did they do? 

Hey, I noticed you worked really hard at putting that together. 

Try that this week. That’s my nudge for you. Have a great week. 

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