Leadership Nudge® 294 – Commitment Comes from Within admin February 5, 2020

Leadership Nudge® 294 – Commitment Comes from Within

If we coerce, which uses external motivation, the result is compliance. If we collaborate effectively, the result is commitment, which is an internal personal choice. For complex, cognitive, creative work, going above and beyond is everything.

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The Legacy playbook includes the play comply, because what we did was we divided people between deciders and doers and these people coerce these people into, complying with their wishes. This is not helpful because compliance just gets a minimum activity. It doesn’t get all that discretionary activity. Now for a simple physical task, one that could be closely monitored, the difference between minimum activity and what we could get out of people was pretty small. But now for creative, cognitive, complex thinking tasks, the come up with a new idea of how we’re going to solve this problem,” the difference between just the bare minimum and what we can do is really really really really big! So now what we need is commitment. If you coerce people what you get is compliance. If you truly collaborate, the result is commitment. Commitment comes from within. Compliance is externally imposed on us.