Leadership Nudge® 200 – The Ladder of Leadership At Home

April 11, 2018by Sandy Wilmer

Today I want to talk about using the Ladder of Leadership, which we talk about in our work environment, at home, with our children.

It’s all the same. Invite them to higher levels of ownership and empowerment.

So, instead of saying “Clean up your room”, remember that level two is observation.

Level 2

  • “Hey, what do you see here?”
  • “Oh, there’s a box of crayons here. There’s a game and a puzzle there.”

Level 3

  • “Ok, what do you think we should do?”
  • “Oh, I guess we should pick up.”

So, you’re applying the same rule at home.

We’ve had some great stories of parents who turned bedtime or bath-time from a fight into a fun game and a ritual where the kids are owning it and are engaging in it.

How cool is that?

I’m David Marquet and that’s your Leadership Nudge

Sandy Wilmer

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