Leadership Nudge™ 186 – The Leader’s Journey admin January 3, 2018

Leadership Nudge™ 186 – The Leader’s Journey

In Turn the Ship Around! we tell the story of the team on the USS Santa Fe. They learned how they didn’t need to be told what to do and they can just say “I intend to…”

It came about by giving them control based on competence and clarity. Behind what was going on for the team, there was a leader’s journey. The leader’s journey is told this way:

From being a know/telling leader to not knowing and deciding not to tell and then seeing the power of not telling people what to do. The leader is still learning the jobs and then trying as much as possible to be a knowing but not telling leader.

So, we think the leader’s journey is essentially going from being a knowing/telling leader to a knowing but not telling leader.

We’ve re-framed the story of Turn the Ship Around! in this context and we’ve put it out as a workbook.

This has workshop elements and questions for leaders and their teams. It also has middle management perspective from one of the chiefs on the Santa Fe, Andy Worshek.

It also has references to research and scholarly articles that support this idea, scientifically, about “Why it is so powerful to stop telling people what to do?”

It tells the story in the context of this leadership journey.

I’m David Marquet. That’s your Leadership Nudge.

The Turn the Ship Around!: Workbook just came out January 2nd 2018 and is available from major vendors and on Amazon.