Leadership Nudge™ 181 – Prepare to be Surprised admin November 29, 2017

Leadership Nudge™ 181 – Prepare to be Surprised

I’m here at Ella’s Kitchen, a Certified B Corp, where the CEO and the leadership team are giving autonomy to the team to develop products and market them.

One of the products they came up with was Melty Sticks.

Now, when the idea of Melty Sticks came to the leadership team, the leadership team was not very enthusiastic about it.

Basically, it’s a cross between a puff and a bread stick.

They thought, “Eh, we have to charge a little bit more, because it has to be packaged just right. Otherwise, it breaks in packaging.”

So, when the leadership team approved it, their mindset was “Well, it’s going to be a dismal failure, but it will be a lesson to the team.”

Guess what… Melty Sticks? – #1 selling product!

So, when you’re a leader and you give your team autonomy and authority, prepare to be surprised.

I’m David Marquet, here at Ella’s Kitchen, and that’s your Leadership Nudge.