Leadership Nudge™ 176 – Pass Information, not Instructions

October 25, 2017by Sandy Wilmer

We’ve all had a situation where a friend was helping us park the car and it was like, “Come on. Come on. Come on.” *BUMP* “Stop!”

What’s the problem? They are passing instructions, not information. The control rests with the driver, but we’ve decoupled the instructions from the person who actually has control of what’s going on.

So, instead, let’s do what my friend Jens is showing us here.

Jens Passing Information, Not Instructions

  • Establish eye contact. Make sure you have that.
  • Show the distance. Now the driver naturally slows down as he gets closer and closer.

The principle is “Pass information, not instructions”.

By the way, this is how they park 500,000 pound airliners on a dime.

I’m David Marquet and that’s your Leadership Nudge

Sandy Wilmer

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