Leadership Nudge® 107 – Use Your Legacy For Clarity admin July 23, 2019

Leadership Nudge® 107 – Use Your Legacy For Clarity

Many organizations have inspiring early starts and somehow “lose their way” at some later point. I urge you to tap into the sense of purpose and urgency that developed during those early days or during some crisis.

The trick is to find real ways to keep those alive as the organization grows. One of the easiest is simply to talk about them. Embed them into your guiding principles and use those words in efficiency reports and personnel awards.

My leadership nudge to you this week is this:

Gather and document stories of people doing things aligned to the company’s values and culture. For extra credit: Print a book on the organization’s anniversary and give it to everyone. After the initial distribution give it to all new hires.

Let us know how it goes.