David Marquet and Peter Russian share big news — Introducing Intent-Based Leadership International admin March 10, 2021

David Marquet and Peter Russian share big news — Introducing Intent-Based Leadership International

I’m excited to announce the launch of Intent-Based Leadership International.

Over the past 9 years, I have been humbled and inspired by leaders like you that have committed to building better workplaces based on giving people more control over their work — building leader-leader organizations in what we call the Intent-Based Leadership way. I’ve had the privilege to speak in person to 500,000 people in 26 countries, and Turn the Ship Around! has been published in 21 languages. Leadership is Language is a Wall Street Journal best seller. These books have reached many more people with a similarly optimistic view of what a workplace could be.

The animated story of the USS Santa Fe has been viewed by 3 million people, which suggests we are building something of a movement of people who are passionate about the potential to build leaders at every level. To support that, we are announcing the launch of Intent-Based Leadership International as the brand and organization which will forward our work in this area. I will still be doing what I love best – speaking, writing and exploring new ideas.

Our Intent-Based Leadership team, supported by our new CEO, Peter Russian (who many of you know, as Peter has led our large company transformations), will remain intact. Chuck Dunphy, who served as Supply Officer on Santa Fe, will continue as Head of Operations. Nic Russian will continue to lead Cultural Change Implementation with our clients. Andy Worshek, who served as Sonar Chief on Santa Fe, will continue to provide Keynotes and Workshops. Jeff Leap will continue to offer Coaching, Workshops and Online Courses. Cathy Kostelansky and Sandy Wilmer will continue to support our clients as we continue the vital work of helping leaders and organizations around the world to implement and embed an Intent-Based approach.

This will have no impact on the services that we provide to you. Indeed, as we build our team and the worldwide movement, we want to curate and share more experiences and ideas with you. Intent-Based Leadership International will replace the Turn the Ship Around brand and we will be in touch with you about any appropriate contractual adjustments.

This is an exciting milestone for us in the development of Intent-Based Leadership! I’ve always felt that the movement needed to stand on its own just like our leadership philosophy. I am very grateful for the support and commitment you have made to Intent-Based Leadership, which has played an important part in getting us to this point. I look forward to continuing to work with you through this new organization.