Leadership Nudge® 135 – Why Your Resolutions Won’t Stick admin January 10, 2017

Leadership Nudge® 135 – Why Your Resolutions Won’t Stick


If you’re like most people you are going to make or you’ve already made a New Year’s resolution. And if you’re like most people you’re going to fail. Here’s why: Number one, it wasn’t specific enough. You said something like “Oh, I’m going to lose weight.” Or “I’m going to be healthier.” Number two, you didn’t set an actual plan. You talked about the outcome but not the way to get there. And number three. You didn’t set a formal accountability partner – someone who you trust and respect that you’re going to report and feel accountable to in terms of this progress.

So, if you really want to keep your New Year’s resolution, say something like this. Let’s take weight loss, which is the number one resolution most years. You say to yourself, “Hey, on December 1st, I’m going to weigh less than 180 pounds by keeping a food log of everything that I eat and not eating bread after lunch. And I’m going to have a weekly call with my brother who’s going to hold me accountable to that behavior.”

Our Leadership Nudge to you this week is this:

To achieve your New Year’s resolution – be specific – have a detailed plan – commit to an accountability partner!

Let us know what how it goes!

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