LEadership Nudge® 126 – Use the Word Yet

November 8, 2016by Sandy Wilmer

Leadership Nudge – USE THE WORD YET 

Have you ever been in a meeting or a counseling session that was kind of a bummer? Have you ever delivered news that was all about what hasn’t been accomplished? Maybe you have been in a conversation that was focused on goals that were set but haven’t been completed.

Try adding this small word to your conversation. The word is “yet.” It will help give your team a sense of progress and a sense of growth. Our conversations may look more like this:

“Hey we haven’t accomplished this yet.”

“You have not completed that yet.”

“We made it to the World Series, but we haven’t won it yet.”

Our Leadership Nudge to you this week is this:

Add the word yet to your conversations when talking about the things that are not complete. Give your team a sense of progress and growth!

Let us know what how it goes!

My team would like to congratulate the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs for a great World Series!

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Sandy Wilmer

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