Mowers Ahead! and the power of empathy admin July 23, 2019

Mowers Ahead! and the power of empathy

I had just turned the corner this morning onto my favorite stretch of the legacy bike trail when I saw the dreaded sign. Now there was no way I’d have a nature filled and relaxing ride. The turtles, snakes, rabbits, hawks, and occasional bobcat and eagle would surely be gone. Instead, rocks and grass would be thrown up on the path and likely on me as I passed the mowers.

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As I approached the mowers, however, I cast my mind back to a communications course I’d recently taken at Barry-Wehmiller University sponsored by their CEO, Bob Chapman. (see more here.) During the course, I’d been able to see the power of empathy first hand. Imagining the lives of the mowers, sitting in the hot sun, mowing public roads and bike paths, I appreciated what they were doing to make our town better. I smiled and waved as I passed each one, mouthing a thank-you. They smiled and waved back!

I’m guessing they felt better about their jobs and this evening may have a sense of appreciation they might not have had. In any event, I felt better.