Leadership should be recognized as a model to “Give Control” over “Take Control”, Podcast with Jacob Morgan admin July 23, 2019

Leadership should be recognized as a model to “Give Control” over “Take Control”, Podcast with Jacob Morgan

Leadership should be recognized asScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.09.42 AM a model to “Give Control” over “Take Control”. This week, I speak to David Marquet, author of “Turn the Ship Around” to understand his views on leadership and how it affects organizations and employees at large.

The one stat you need to know

The spirit of leadership is often misjudged as a gainful way of exercising control, leading to chaos. In essence, it should be recognized as a model that gives more weight to “Giving Control” over “Taking Control”.

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What this episode is about and why you should care

David Marquet, a former submarine captain and author of “Turn the Ship Around!” unlocks a new angle in redefining leadership. In this podcast, he goes into retrospect and relates his journey as the newly appointed captain of nuclear-powered submarine, “USS Santa Fe”. During his active days, he sought measures to counteract all odds to fight the low self-esteem of his crew. As a captain, David fought against his instincts and explored newer ways of unifying his workforce, breaking accepted norms of leadership. For a corporate environment, the Santa Fe episode presents a stunning example of effective leadership that acts as a harbinger towards making every employee a leader.

What you will learn in this episode

  • “Ladder of leadership”– Re-defining decisions in an organizational framework
  • What is driving companies to rethink on their management model?
  • Why building decision making capacity in your organization is important?
  • How clarity helps to build a unifying workforce? How to achieve “greatness” as a mechanism?
  • Trust and Competence – How do you differentiate?
  • How “Smart Hierarchy” will change the way companies operate?
  • How leaders are going to change the work environment in the future?

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