Leadership Nudge™ 165 – The Power of Yet admin August 9, 2017

Leadership Nudge™ 165 – The Power of Yet

Hi, I’m Jenni Jepsen with your Leadership Nudge.

Our brains have evolved over thousands of years to see the danger around us. Hard-wiring these negative connections has allowed us to survive as a species, and it has also made it easy for us to say “I can’t” or “We can’t”.

The next time you hear someone say “I can’t” or “We can’t”, add the word “yet” – “I can’t yet” or “We can’t yet”.

Adding the word “yet” sends a powerful signal that we’re on a continuous improvement journey, and we’re working to get to a place where all things are possible.

For more on the power of yet, check out the work of Dr. Carol Dweck and let us know how it goes