Leadership Nudge™ 167 – Make the Invisible Visible

August 23, 2017by Sandy Wilmer

I’m here at Children’s Hospital of Colorado where we’re building a new hospital.

Humans like to be able to see, touch, and get a sense of where things are oriented.

So, here we have these mock-ups. We’re using just pegboard to mock up what the new patient rooms will look like.

There used to be a bed here and some carts, but you can still see what’s on the wall. There’s an oxygen connection, power outlets; even a clock, monitors and that kind of thing.

The nurses and the doctors come and move these things around. It’s very easy. It’s just on peg-board.

Now, another way to make the invisible visible is with the schedule.

So, here we have the scheduled graph, and this is called a ‘pull chart’.

People are putting a sticky note on the schedule – making it very visible to everyone:

“Here is what I need to be able to deliver this by this date.”

It’s part of the same principle. Make the invsibile visible.

I’m David Marquet, and that’s your Leadership Nudge.

Sandy Wilmer

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