Leadership Nudge® 311 – The “intent” in Intent-Based Leadership® admin May 6, 2020

Leadership Nudge® 311 – The “intent” in Intent-Based Leadership®

Why do we call it Intent-Based Leadership? Watch David’s explanation.

We call our system intent-based leadership because intent is a very important word for us. Leaders give their intentions, not instructions.  And the team give their intentions back to the leader on how they will achieve the purpose of the organization, not ask for permission. Now, so one of the language things that we use is, Hey, I intend to launch the product on time. I intend to start the procedure. I intend to take off in the airplane. Intent means I made a decision about something which could have gone either way. Now, people might say sometimes I’ll just substitute the word plan. I plan on taking off. I plan on starting the procedure. I plan on launching the product on time. And for us, we would separate those two words. Intent means I made a conscious and deliberate, mindful decision. Plan means I’m just executing a series of operations. I plan on flying to Chicago. I plan on taking an Uber to the meeting, but I intend to sign the contract with our potential partner. That’s the key decision. Everything else is just execution. I’m just doing something. So, “plan” is for that. Intent is for the key decisions. I’m David Marquet. That’s your Leadership Nudge®.