Leadership Is Language One-Pager Resource admin October 13, 2020

Leadership Is Language One-Pager Resource

Love the idea of the new playbook for leaders but having trouble remembering the new plays and how to implement them? Here’s a set of 8 one-page summary sheets for many of the key concepts in Leadership is Language as well as the plays.
The 8 one-pagers cover:

  1. The new playbook for leaders (the 6 new plays replacing the 6 old plays)
  2. How to run the CONTROL THE CLOCK play
  3. How to ask better questions and the seven sins of questioning to avoid
  4. The new play of COMMIT
  5. How the new play of COMPLETE chunks the work for incremental improvement (not continuous improvement)
  6. How to run the COMPLETE play.
  7. The tug of war between the “Be Good” self and the “Get Better” self.
  8. The trappings of high power gradient environments in support of the CONNECT play.

We hope you find them useful.
Download the one-pagers here: Leadership Is Language one-pagers: The Plays Summarized