Important questions leaders should be asking employees. admin March 12, 2020

Important questions leaders should be asking employees.

Q: What is the most important question leaders should be asking employees?


A: I think there are several important questions. “How can I help you?” “What are you trying to achieve?” “How can I help you achieve that?” “Is this company acting in a way that’s consistent with your principles?” “How much integrity do we have between what we say and what we do with what we do with our clients, and what we do internally?”

Management is typically more secure in their job, they have a better perspective of what the organization is trying to do, they can muster more resources. They can say, “Well you want to take night school classes, then we can help pay for those.” “You want to take every Tuesday morning off so that you can take a pottery class?” “Great, we can figure out how to change your work schedule.” Management has a lot of ways of helping people and they should.