Leadership Nudge® 136 – How Sure Are You? admin January 17, 2017

Leadership Nudge® 136 – How Sure Are You?

Leadership Nudge –  HOW SURE ARE YOU?

When you are in France, it’s ok to say “Bien sur.” But in English you don’t want to ask the question “are you sure?” It’s provocative and you don’t really learn anything. We tend to ask because we want to test and probe to see that the person is really confident in what they are saying, but a better way to ask that is to say “how sure are you?” or “how confident are you?” Even better, “what do you see that is making you come to this conclusion?” When we ask “how sure are you?” it trains your brain to give people opportunity to share what they know and what they have learned that helped them make decisions.

Our Leadership Nudge to you this week is this:

Replace “Are you sure?” with “How sure are you?”

Let us know what how it goes!

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