Leadership Nudge® 120 – Highlight Greatness admin September 27, 2016

Leadership Nudge® 120 – Highlight Greatness


This week’s Leadership Nudge comes from Brendan Quinn, our Head of UK Operations. He delivered this week’s Leadership Nudge from the William Wallace Monument overlooking Scotland’s victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

“When William Wallace became the guardian of Scotland,” Brendan shared, “his leadership was not that of the Scottish Nobles.” The nobles preferred to lord over people and Wallace displayed vastly different leadership traits.

Brendan noted, “Three of Wallace’s Leadership attributes that align with Intent-Based Leadership®™ are;

One – he served the people

Two – he fought for freedom so that the people of Scotland could have control over the future

Three – he inspired them to greatness.”

Brendan’s focus on the third attribute is where this week’s Leadership Nudge comes from. Our intent at Turn the Ship Around, LLC is to help organizations create the type of environment that releases the greatness that is present in our teams. One of the ways to foster that culture is to acknowledge and highlight greatness.

Our Leadership Nudge to you this week is:

Highlight something great that your team or one of your employees achieved this week. Look for examples where your team took responsibility, showed initiative, or provided solutions!

Let us know what how it goes!

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