Leadership Nudge® 134 – Give Control First

January 4, 2017by Sandy Wilmer

Leadership Nudge – GIVE CONTROL FIRST 

One of the fundamental concepts of Intent-Based Leadership®™ is the relationship between how much control, how much decision making authority we can give people, and their level of competence and clarity. Generally, we say leaders need to tune the level of control to the level of competence and clarity. We explained that concept in Leadership Nudge 131- Avoid Chaos Tune Control and we call that figure 1a.


This week we are explaining figure 1b. This figure shows how we help our teams move up and to the right. What is happening is that algorithms and bots keep eating up the low end of this curve. There are two key things to understand about figure 1b. Number one, is the steps are small. We want to move in small positive steps. Number two is the first step is up. In other words, the leader has to give more control first. This allows the person to expose their level of competence and clarity. We normally think that when our teams demonstrate competence and clarity (moving right on figure 1b), then I am going to give you more control. That is the perspective of the leader.

If you are team member, your job is to do the exact opposite. Your job is to be transparent and open with your boss about how much competence and clarity that you have. That it makes it easy for him or her to give you more control.

Our Leadership Nudge to you this week is this:

Give control first.

Let us know what how it goes!

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Sandy Wilmer

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